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Servers is the heart in a IT solution

The heart in a IT solution is the servers that process and deliver content; this can be in-house, outsourced to a third party (colocation) or a hired service like Azure or AWS.


A server is powered by electricity and deliver a vast amount of heat. Removing this heat so the servers are not damaged adds more energy to generate cooling like giant air-condition systems, often with chiller farms on the roof or nearby. 


About 5% of the energy is used to create the actual compute, and the rest is heat.

Move to a GreenPost

By moving one server to a GreenPost location, where the thermal energy is used to capture methane, you will be able to run additional  servers net-zero.


The same solution can also be used to make you're entire IT operation emission free.

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What is a GreenPost 

GreenPost is a datacenter that is located in a site where methane capture is possible. The methane capture is done in an efficient and sustainable way.

Net Zero

Put simply, net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed.


Net zero IT is achieved when you don’t add more greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere than you remove connected to the same operation.

Image by Casey Horner

The GreenPost solution

Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Ravin Rau
Image by Jackie Tan
Image by Bernd Klutsch
Hydro powered

We use renewable energy, hydro power sourced from a local energy plant, and we are directly grid-linked to the NZC GreenPost solution. 


We reuse the energy from the NZC GreenPost in the immediate proximity to prevent thermal energy loss.

Methane capture 

We use the reused thermal energy to capture methane from highly methane charged materials. The amount of CO2e saved is game changing.

Document and track

We track and document every watt of energy and every gram of CO2e in our  solution. We share this information live with customers.

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