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Short introduction and back story of Net Zero Compute

Net Cero Compute aims to disrupt more than one industry. We will deliver a service, a product and a solution that most people are not able to dream. Some even find it unfair because, they claim, we are changing the rules and play the game outside industry paradigme.

and so....

We are not changing any rules. We are changing the level of ambition and the perception of cross industry challenges and opportunities. What we like to say is "let new perceptions enable technology" and your level of creative ambition will fuel the rest.

Image by Samuel Ng

This is our story....

Net Zero Compute is the result of years of R&D and the go to market tool for a game changing combination of technology. A small team based in Norway have been working on this project together with dedicated global partners.


Last year the project had a breakthrough, and proved it selves and now we're going to market.


First step for NZC is to establish the first site and to prove the full span of the technologies, this year we will be launching the solution and you all will be amazed.


Do you know what the lightbulb and the computer have in common? It’s the amount of heat-waste it creates. 

Only about 5-10% of the energy supplied into the computer and light-bomb is used to create the intended product. The other +90% is discarded as waste heat. The lightbulb was banned due to its lack of energy efficiency. The computer rack is not. Is it too big to change? 


One simple question gave this journey a firm direction and it was asked to one of the giants in the industry:

What is the highest temperature you can run your system on without a significant increase in Total Cost of Operation?”

Why is this question so important? It's quite simple if you think about it. 

The thermal energy waste from the computer racks is at a low temperature because that has always been a goal in the industry, and at that temperature thermal energy can't really be used for anything substantial. By changing how and where you extract the waste energy everything changes. With a stable and much higher temperature, a whole new world emerges. 


We then started to test and develop our ideas. Luckily our partner had lab resources making sure competence and equipment was not an issue.

After years of collaboration a scalable commercial solution emerged. 


Now we have a thermal transfer system without any pumps or moving parts, delivering a stable thermal energy output at a high temperature with a high energy recovery rate. This creates the foundation for more efficient reuse.


With that challenge solved our quest for what that substantial something could be, started. A lot of great ideas were set aside. Either because the problem wasn't big enough or the sustainable impact wasn't significant enough. It was also important that it could be deployed almost anywhere.


Reusing the thermal heat to capture methane from organic waste would give the highest potential environmental effect.

With that in mind we developed a solution to capture methane from organic waste. Only scratching the surface of this challenge will have a major impact on the emission of polluting gasses released into the atmosphere.


We aim to deliver IT without a footprint, reuse thermal energy, and we enable methane capture, but we also save a huge amount of nutrition’s from going to waste.


We strongly believe that the best solutions are found together. Most companies are trying to solve their challenges restricted by the nature of their industry and adopted truths. We think different. One industries challenge can be another one’s resource and that’s how we and you are getting closer to a circular economy and to maximize the utility of every resource. 


That’s us – we are rooted in proven technology and well-established industries. We are the final link in a global change - starting in Norway.

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