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Image by Andrea De Santis

Digitalization - a double-edged sword

We all embrace digitalization, and our appetite to consume these new opportunities seems to grow at a pace that none has been able to foresee.


This constant demand for more digitalization has two sides. One side is part of the solution for a greener planet. We use technology to solve problems and increase efficiency. 


On the other side, we know that our IT services is a big polluter. IT consumes huge amount of power to operate and to be connected, but also by its existence. IT has an overwhelming footprint, land, bricks, metals, cables, fiber, boxes and we could go on. 

Emission free IT

Emission free IT is no longer a dream but a reality. It is not as easy as buying CO2 certificates or planting a tree, but it's cheaper and it has real emission impact.


You have to decide if you want to make a payment or an impact.

Image by Muhammad Ahmad

Anywhere: the GreenPost

A GreenPost can be deployed almost anywhere. 


The modern society needs data power to operate and we consume a lot of organic material. To produce these necessities we need huge amounts of energy. 


By combining the thermal heat waste from power hungry servers to capture methane - we create a powerful cross industry allianse to solve two major challenges, almost anywhere. 

Big tech failing on Net Zero

 The report, published by the New Climate Institute and Carbon Market Watch, finds that 25 of the world’s most valuable companies, which together accrued $3.2 trillion in revenues in 2020 and accounted for 5% of global greenhouse-gas emissions in 2019, have climate plans that are weaker than how they’ve been marketed so far.


“Ambitious-sounding headline claims all too often lack real substance, which can mislead both consumers and the regulators,” said the New Climate Institute’s Thomas Day, a lead author of the study, in a statement. “We were quite shocked about the extent of creativity that some companies apply to claim a credible path to net zero, and the amount of effort that it takes to reveal that.” 

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